What is Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)?
Your business can’t make money if your systems shut down. IT companies have you submit a ticket and wait 24-48 hours to hear back from them. That doesn’t include finding a resolution. Downtime for your systems means your business grinds to a halt and you lose money. RMM is a proactive approach to preventing IT problems before they happen and minimizing downtime via remote support.

More uptime = more efficiency of your workforce = more money for your bottom line.

Services include:

  • Free Antivirus regularly updated
  • Automatic security updates (aka Automated Patch Management)
  • Anticipate and prevent crashes
  • Remote support; quicker response times when you need assistance,
         no more waiting 24-48 hours for a response;
  • Real time email alerts
  • Minimizes downtime for your company